Turkmenistan – Home of Prosperity

Launch ceremony of the events of the Year “Turkmenistan – Home of Prosperity” takes place2019

The Mukams Palace of the State Cultural Centre hosted the launch ceremony of the events dedicated to slogan of 2019 “Turkmenistan – Home of Prosperity”. Similar events were held in velayat centres of the country. It became good tradition in Turkmenistan to give name to every year declaring the key targets o national development at new stage in its slogan. It support the improvement of patriotic spirit and desire of every human to be involved and make personal input to colossal work carried out in the country under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Ideological message of 2019 was the free will of the nation and is aimed at wide popularization of the achievements of our Motherland, reveal of their importance, giving the impulse to large-scale economic changes and social progress as well as at the propaganda of the input of our country to provision of peace and stability, international initiatives of Turkmen leader. The content of the main slogan contains also the idea of the solidarity of people, succession of the generations and upbringing of youth in the spirit of limitless pride, love and respect of independent neutral Turkmenistan. The event in the Mukams Palace was held with the participation of the members of the Government, heads of different ministries and departments, directors of universities, cultural personnel and art masters, mass media and public organizations. Expressing the gratitude to the Head of the State for huge role in restoration of historical assignment of the country and growth of its authority in the world arena, the participants of the ceremony highlighted that the Year “Turkmenistan – Home of Prosperity”, undoubtedly, will be marked with new glorious achievements and great deeds. It was mentioned that cohesive unity of the nation, consolidation of people around its national leader, which is based on understanding of the values of independence and neutrality, spiritual traditions and cultural heritage, is the main feature of modern Turkmen society. these are the combination of historical heritage of the nation, its mentality, fundamental moral categories with general civilization achievements and advanced processes, which is the key to success and prosperity of Turkmen state.


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