The world Weightlifting Championship

In the ultramodern sports base of the Ashkhabad Olympic town in 2018 will be the World Weightlifting Championships. This decision was taken by the Executive Council of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF).Untitled111111

Initially, the weightlifting championship was to be held in Lima (Peru), but the state refused to organize the tournament due to the incompleteness of the sports center of San Isidoro and spoke in favor of the transfer of the right to host the championship.

IWF unanimously voted to postpone the 2018 World Championship to Ashgabat due to the triumphant Asian Games in September-2017 V, the successful organization of which demonstrated the potential of Turkmenistan’s sports infrastructure. A magnificent technical base and Turkmen hospitality amazed the athletes, functionaries and guests of the country, strengthening Turkmenistan’s positive image in the international arena.

Athletes who come to the World Championships in Ashgabat will be able to enjoy the most modern venues and facilities that were built for AIMAG-2017. The tournament will be held in the capital of Turkmenistan from November 24 to December 3.


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